Hi, I’m Heather Goodwin. I have been a coach/mentor since 1990 and gained my qualification* from Oxford Brookes University in 2008. I had a 26 year career with IBM, Cap Gemini and BT before becoming a full time coach/mentor.

I specialise in working with managers who need to rapidly build a kit-bag of expertise. Being promoted or appointed does not mean you become an expert overnight. Managing others, or managing at a new level, can be daunting and complex.

Being coached helps develop insights that are usually gained from years of experience. It is an effective way to learn all the basics, and a strategic way to ensure you make the best of any promotion or progression, particularly into a new field.

Being coached is time just for you – time to focus on your priorities, and to step back to get better perspective. It’s time to shape how things are going, and to spot and deal with any hold-back factors. Time to ensure that you are delivering as effectively as you can, and that you are not allowing the grass to grow under your feet.

Coaching is a gateway to greater effectiveness, both for yourself, and for your organisation.

*Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring Practice