What other services do you provide?

While I now specialise in coaching and mentoring for managers working in business or not-for-profit organisations, I have two other specialisms in which I enjoy working.

Career coaching

My work with middle and senior managers changing career is covered by my company, Relaunch Your Career Ltd. There are over 160 pages of high quality, free advice available on my web site, www.relaunchyourcareer.co.uk.

I provide managers with detailed, one-to-one work on high-specification CVs; work with them on running the highest quality job search, and provide career coaching and career planning.


I had a very successful 26-year career in marketing, working in all disciplines and managing them to director level in large organisations such as BT and IBM. I am very happy when clients ask whether I keep my hand in in these areas, and take on occasional projects, or work in an advisory capacity. These have included:

  • Carrying out sales and marketing audits, to ensure sales and marketing strategies are delivering optimally
  • Training in all aspects of marketing and marketing management
  • Review and re-work of marketing copy, including web site SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Creating and managing customer, media or staff surveys
  • Providing support and guidance to create a better sales support or marketing plan
  • Reviewing and re-working of copy, including repurposing copy for web sites and SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Help to reorganise sales, sales support, customer service or marketing departments
  • Help with choosing and reviewing suppliers
  • Coaching on how money moves around a business
  • A day-long workshop to work through conclusions from your marketing, sales, team or other analysis
  • Development of workshops or presentations for your people or the board
  • Development of change management programmes to bring on-board all those affected by changes.

If I think you would be better served by employing a specialist, I can research, shortlist (and in some circumstances recommend) companies who provide the services you may need. I can also help you brief and manage your suppliers.